Proclean offers both Residential & Commercial carpet cleaning, with reliable services tailored to suit their clients' needs. Take your first step towards spic and span carpets and upholstery, call Proclean's owner Dave for a free quote.

Proclean offers a wide range of services including:

•Residential and Commercial carpet cleaning

•Tile and Grout cleaning

•In-plant Area Rug cleaning

•Upholstery cleaning

•Grout sealing

•Odour and Stain removal


Residential Carpet Cleaning

To clean the wall-to-wall carpet in your Kingston and area home, Proclean uses truck mounted steam cleaning, also known as hot water extraction. We bring our own water to perform your residential carpet cleaning, and only a cleaning wand and hose is brought into your home, the rest is left in our truck in your driveway.


Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Keeping common areas in restaurants, hotels and buildings clean can be tough. We provide effective service while minimizing downtime for your business. 


Area Rug Cleaning

 To clean area rugs we will pick up the rugs from your home, and bring them back to our in-plant cleaning shop, as area rugs require special attention and need to be properly hung and dried. Once they have been cleaned and dried we roll them up and deliver them back to you.


Upholstery Cleaning

 To clean your upholstery we use a steam cleaning process to remove all dirt and any previous soapy residues, leaving the fabric soft and the colours restored. 


Tile & Grout Cleaning

 To clean your tile and grout, we do a pre-inspection of areas to be cleaned, addressing any problem areas before the cleaning begins. As an added service, we also offer a grout sealer that can be applied to keep your grout lines cleaner for longer. We have the proper experience, knowledge and tools to complete the tile and grout cleaning effectivley and efficiently. 


We only use high-quality equipment and top quality products from trusted brands to complete your carpet, upholstery and tile cleaning jobs in an effective manner.

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